NYBA Legion Baseball


The Nevada Youth Baseball Associationís (NYBA) Zero Tolerance Policy addresses unsportsmanlike conduct and behavior (including fighting) before, during and after any and all American Legion Baseball games under the jurisdiction of the NYBA. This policy will be strictly enforced in the 2014 NYBA/ American Legion Baseball season & tournaments. It applies to all players, managers, coaches, parents, relatives and fans attending any/all NYBA and/or American Legion Baseball games.


This policy prohibits any player, manager, coach, parent, relative or fan from making any contact, either verbal physical, with any umpire, player, manager, coach, parent, relative, fan, and any NYBA and/or American Legion administrator or official before, during or after any NYBA/American Legion Baseball games. Persons using obscene or abusive language (such heckling, riding or making uncomplimentary remarks) or engaging in any other antisocial conduct, offensive to those around them will be asked to cease this conduct. The use of aerosol, gas, battery or electric operated air horns or the use of artificial whistles is prohibited. Fans that operate or use such devices shall be ordered by the designated home team to cease such operation immediately. If the offensive conduct persists, those involved will be subject to ejection from the ballpark and the premises and also subject to the adjudication as determined by the NYBA Ad Hoc Committee after review of the situation and despoilment. The designated home team shall be responsible for proper fan discipline at all games. If the home team refuses their responsibility in any game, the umpire may cause the game to be forfeited. Alcohol is never permitted at any American Legion games.


If the NYBA Ad Hoc Committee deems the behavior or decorum of any coach. manager, player, team official, fan, or relative to be considered inappropriate or indecorous to American Legion Baseball, then the offending individuals(s) or team may be facing disciplinary action. The disciplinary action may a short-term suspension, a long-term suspension, forfeiture of a game or games, cancellation of the remaining games in the season, or in the most severe instances, forfeiture of the annual NYBA/American Legion charter for the respective baseball school program as granted by the NYBA for American Legion Baseball. In the event a violation occurs by any parent, relative or fan, the team who is supported by that parent, relative or fan shall be disciplined as determined by the NYBA Ad Hoc Committee after review of the circumstances regarding any violation.


The direct-line path from the vehicle of the umpire to/from the field of play is sacrosanct and will not be violated under any circumstances. There is to be no obscene or abusive language or gestures directed to an umpire before, during or after a game. Nor is an umpire to be confronted or threatened by verbal comments or physical gestures or contact. During the game, only authorized uniformed persons are permitted on to the playing field.


Any player, coach, manager, or party accompanying a team will be suspended for the remainder of the game from the time of rule infraction and subject to be disciplined by the NYBA Ad Hoc Committee if they:

  1. Use profane language in any manner.

  2. Make any unnecessary gesture(s) in protesting an umpireís decision. Only the teamís field manager/ head coach may ask for a clarification of a rule or discuss a situation with an umpire. Arguing with an umpire is never permitted.

  3. Throw bats or any other equipment.

  4. Make an unnecessary gestures or comments to fans or opposing players

  5. Resort to unnecessary roughness on the playing field


The American Legion Code of Sportsmanship is the centerpiece of the baseball program. Players, managers and coaches must respect the rules and provide the decorum for the game. The Sportsmanship Code says that as a player, manager or coach you shall:

                                                    Keep the rules.

                                                    Keep the faith with my teammates.

                                                    Keep my temper.

                                                    Keep myself fit.

                                                    Keep a stout heart in defeat.

                                                    Keep my pride under in victory.

                                                    Keep a sound soul, a clean mind, and a healthy body.


Any violation of this policy statement will result in swift and decisive disciplinary action as determined and warranted by the NYBA Ad Hoc Committee regarding the review of Game, Ballpark and on the Field incidents. The members of the NYBA Ad Hoc Committee are: Gary Mouden (Chairman), Jeff Pink and John Messina with Wayne Rothmeyer as an alternate member.


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